"Think of it as a hackathon focused on game development. It is the growth of an idea that in today’s heavily connected world, we could come together, be creative, share experiences and express ourselves in a multitude of ways using video games" (Global Game Jam®)

Note (January 2018)

Some of the students haven't studied enough for their exam.

Pass notes around so no one flunks it. But don't get caught by the teachers!

The game was developped during

the Global Game Jam event !

Theme : Transmission !

TIME  : 48h


- 3D Artist ! (this time I wanted to do something different )

- Characters & props modelisation

- Characters Rig & basic animation


Charles-Olivier Péloquin (Level designer) - Jeanne Painchaud-Boulet (2D Artist & Textures) - Marc-Antoine Bourret (Programmer) - Bruno Gosselin (Programmer) -  Marc-Antoine Giguère (Sound Designer)

Aweille (January 2017)

With a grapple hook, you can explore a new world with some abstract object moving like waves...

The game was developped during

the Global Game Jam event !

Theme : Wave !

TIME  : 48h


- Script game control and objects behavior

- Make a wave blueprint using sinus/cosinus calculation to do that.

- Create emissive cartoon ambiance

(materials, light, fogs)


Charles-Olivier Péloquin (Level designer)


Kill me pour une toune (May 2016)

This is a fighting/party game in an arena. Each player has his own music. Players goal's is to play his song until the end of it before opponents. The jukebox in the center, is a music switcher and a player can use a dash to activate the device and switch to his song. The jukebox is an objective to defend or attack. There are collectibles to grow up and increase the number of dashes. 

The game was developped during the Game Jam Battle organized by "Printemps Numérique".

TIME  : 48h


- Design game mechanics with team

- Design and script music system with jukebox

- Communicate with programmer to build avatars

- Integrate programmer scripts in the game

- Sound FX integration


Charles-Olivier Péloquin (Level designer) - Francis Touchette-Drolet (Game designer) - Igor Lima (3D Artist) - Léonard Nguyen (Programmer)
Mentor : Julian Maroda


Offer-Ring (January 2016)

This a fighting game for 2 players. You have to give golden apples to the statue of a goddess and if you give more than the other player you can disable opponent player protection and kill him to win the game.

The game was developped during the Global Game Jam event. This is my first !

Theme : Ritual !

TIME  : 48h


- Script game control and object behaviors


Charles-Olivier Péloquin (Level designer) - Odile Prouveur (Game designer) - Jeanne Painchaud-Boulet (2D Artist & Textures) - Samuel Laroche (3D Artist) - Maxime Fortin (Music Composition)