Made in Unreal Engine 4

AWAY: The Survival Series is an animal-based adventure game set in a distant, human-less future.

Narrated like a nature documentary, AWAY takes you on the Sugar Glider's journey across a decaying planet as you piece together the mysterious origins of your world.

Genre : Action/Adventure

Position : Tech Level designer & Game designer

Duration : Aug 2016 to March 2018

Platform :PC | PS4

Release Date : 2020


Making organic level design in Unreal Engine 4 Editor

  • Building an immersive post apocalyptic world with mother nature who has taken back his rights.

  • Sculpting terrain to have a natural organic look and have interesting framing for player guidance.

  • Finding interesting way to play with avatar abilities (Climbing, Gliding, Jumping) in this world.

  • Making level design documents to organized environments, difficulties step up and mechanics introductions.

Designing, programming and integrating game systems

  • Prototyping avatar (3Cs) with walking, jumping, climbing (on trees), gliding navigation.

  • Designing and programming complex fire propagation system to create a fast paced level who the player have to escape a forest in fire.
    - The system is constructed with firable objects (ex : trees) and fire trigger.
    - When fire trigger expands & reaches firable object(s), then firable object(s) become another fire trigger.
    - With this main logic, the level designer can build pacing and interesting fire propagation.

  • Making a Complex checkpoint system with a respawn logic. Work with open space associate with linear storyline.
    (have to connect events to have a full game flow with saving system)

Setting up workflow in the engine project and design documents.

  • Setting up game wiki structure and documentations for teammates needs.

  • Finding solutions to have best practices for our small team (stay organized).
    - Working on a naming convention.
    - Working on level composition and assets organization to allow working access to other developers at the same time.
    - Finding methods and best practices with past failure analysis. (Studio was at his starting)

And working on VR Experience

Our first project was to work on a flying locomotion system with HTC Vive controller. The goal was to avoid motion sickness, find our creative direction and have an photorealistic approach.​ 

Player control a bearded vulture flying to escape natural disaster. Like a animal documentary, a narrator tells the course of the story.

The player can go up/down and go left/right and is on the back of the beast. He have to avoid some dangerous obstacles on his way. 


  • Design and script Character/Control/Camera in VR from prototype. The challenge was the motion sickness and  have intuitive control to everyone.

  • Program controls in blueprint with roomscale position to get real movements of the player.


  • Design from the forest beginning to fire transition. I made more than one path with difficulty variation.

  • Intentions was to feel lost to the player but always on the right track with trees density and the vulture companion.



  • Visual ambiance transition : blend fogs/lightning parameters in blueprint

  • Gameflow (cinematics integrations, restart at the end, etc)